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The hospitality and travel software development industry is largely customer driven. Increasing customer demand for convenience and luxury is shaping the future dynamics of this industry. With rapid globalization and evolution of technology, physical distances are disappearing. This has made keeping up with the changing transactional, developmental, and operational demands of the customers more critical. A differentiated customer experience to make it memorable along with efficient operations to manage costs is necessary to gain a competitive edge. With rapid proliferation in the number of competitors, it is imperative to keep pace with latest technology developments in order to stay ahead of the curve and win customers.

Information Technology is playing a pivotal role in revolutionizing the way this industry operates. Customers and businesses are benefiting from advances in communication, reservations and guest services systems alike. It is increasingly driving streamlined communication and an amusing guest experience- from the first interaction while reservation through the end checkout. A few ways in which technology has influenced this industry are as under:

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Computer Systems

With computer aided systems, hospitality and tourism businesses stay connected in this largely dispersed industry. Computer systems help in facilitating inter-branch communication across locations and streamlines reservations and cross-company policies. Not only business communication, it also serves as a great platform for interacting with staff and keeping them updated with latest developments, while also providing platform for exchange of casual chats. They play an integral role in delivering superior customer experience by managing guest preferences, housekeeping information and reservation details on a single system.


For the travel software development and hospitality industry, internet is a lifeline! A traveler starts interacting with the industry long before the travel begins- from the first visit to the website to explore possible locations and places to stay till the final departure from the location- everything is done online. In the hospitality and tourism business, effective use of Internet technologies drastically impacts revenue streams. Websites, blogs, social media, online ordering and online advertising – all influence customers’ choice of location or business!

Reservations Software Systems

These automated systems made it easy to compare tariffs and make instant reservations. By facilitating easier access to information for customers and agents alike, these systems revolutionized the way travel was planned. Not only did this garner increased volumes, it also helped reduce costs for travel businesses by reducing call volume while shifting the power from the travel provider to the traveler.

Mobile Communication

With the increased penetration of mobile devices, travelers have a reliable travel companion. These mobile devices guide travelers with information on routes, places to visit, weather forecasts, connect with locals, places to eat and stay etc. For businesses, using technology to facilitate automated communication messages to travelers on offers, policies, discounts, schemes etc. is a tool of boon.

Today, customers need personalized services on the go – anytime, anywhere, tailored to their requirements! Creating a memorable and speedy delivery of relevant and personalized data across channels is crucial to winning these customers. With the evolving distribution landscape and increasing number of competitors, esp. technology companies, travel enterprises need to quickly adopt technology to increase conversion while being profitable.

Apart from the above listed traditional solutions, travel and hospitality companies need to be aware and as well as successful in adopting the latest technology based on payments, Voice enabled search, Mobile platform adoption, BigData in travel to deliver an impressive experience to the customer.

The Blitz Info Sysem Travel Software Development Experience

At Blitz Info Sysem, we present a complete buffet of services and solutions across all segments in the travel software development industry – Airline, Hotels, Cruise, Car, Rail, Bus, Tour Operators, Distributors and Transportation & Logistic companies. The Blitz Info Sysem Travel Software Development Experience

At Blitz Info Sysem, we build cutting edge technology to help travel and hospitality businesses automate management of customer communication, guest management, online booking, customer communication and logistics management. We have a team of qualified and certified developers with extensive experience of developing solutions specific to needs of the travel and hospitality industry. We keep ourselves updated on the latest trends and developments in travel and hospitality to not only develop solutions but also consult our clients and help them be future ready. This adds immense value to our as well as our client’s businesses.

Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Design, Development and Revamp of Websites
  • Travel Software Development Products
  • SaaS based Travel Software Development
  • Custom Web Application as per business needs
  • Website Hosting and Maintenance services
  • Booking Management Systems
  • CRM for Travel agents

End to end kit for Business and e-Commerce Solution

  • Development of Content Management Systems
  • Web Crawling services
  • Design of Business and Enterprise Solutions
  • Development of Travel WAP/Mobile Applications for iOS, Android and Cross Platform

We work on the latest technology stack to power businesses of our clients with the best solutions. A project management approach ensures holistic compilation of client requirements and a detailed development process including feedback. Quality solutions are delivered within timelines with the help of experts from across the industry.

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