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Product Engineering for Dedicated Team to Accelerate Product Development using New Technologies

Outsourced Product Development Services

Creating and launching innovative products faster into the market is imperative for business in today’s competitive world. To achieve this you need a partner well equipped with cutting-edge technology and years of experience. Blitz Info System can help you across the entire product development spectrum by innovating, developing and strategizing at the speed of light.

Blitz Info System utilizes its product development expertise and engineering frameworks to provide end-to-end product engineering services to many product startups and ISVs, globally. Our enthusiastic team is working on the architectural design, product development, quality assurance, and ongoing updates and improvements needed by the product. We are well-equipped to offer the most reliable and effective solutions to our clients, using the latest technologies and industry best practices.

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Product Development Services for ISVs & Product Startups

Application Development

Blitz Info System has the experience and skill set to tackle the most challenging architecture, implementation and operation requirements. We collaborate with product startups and ISVs and follow Agile methodologies which help us to deliver the product on time.

Cloud Native App Development

Our cloud practice comprises several certified experts in AWS and Azure. We help you to migrate legacy applications to cloud-native architectures and leverage the full potential of cloud-native capabilities.

Support & Maintenance

Blitz Info System has a dedicated team of technical support experts to provide you with multi-level support. We help you 24/7 with any kind of query that you may have with regards to the applications.

User Experience Design

Our dedicated design studio ensures user-centered design (UCD) principles and delivers compelling user experience. Blitz Info System enables you to have a seamless UI/UX journey by improving performance, establishing expertise and developing products more convenient, user-friendly and compliant to clients’ needs.

Enterprise Integrations

We use technologies like Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, MS Dynamics, Biztalk Services and Mulesoft to enable seamless integrations. Our team is experienced in providing cross-platform, innovative and robust enterprise integration for your diverse ecosystem.

DevOps & Microservices

Blitz Info System DevOps approach allows continuous product development and planning for the ISVs and product startups. Our DevOps processes coupled with microservices, bridge the gap between software development and IT operations.

Outsourced Product Development Process

Our continuous endeavors focus on leveraging the proven 3-step process so that you can have a dedicated team at your service. Our highly professional and well-seasoned Business Analysts understand your business objectives then arrange a core team, work on a collaboration model and set up project governance processes. To ensure the success of the engagement, we jointly create desirable SLA’s to track and improve the entire development process. The core team strives to scale up the product development and continues to monitor team productivity metrics for continuous improvement. Each sprint is executed like a complete delivery cycle where all the phases including analysis, design, development, testing and deployment are executed. Continuous evolution and maintenance is a key part of our approach which facilitates the continued success of the product being developed.

  • Ramp up & extend core team
  • Containuous process improment
  • Monitor Productivity metrics
  • understand business object and goals
  • Establishing collaborate and governance model
  • Knowlegde transfer sessions
  • Core team formation
  • Eveluate and modify the operating model as required
  • Establishing steady state process
  • Define productivity Slas
  • Ticket resolution

The Blitz Info System Advantage

We’re trusted globally for our reliable approach to your business needs and delivering solutions that meet your unique business objectives. The experienced architects of our dedicated outsourced software development center are available throughout your journey. Blitz Info System lets you choose from a range of engagement models to suit your exact requirements. We’ve used our unique fit-to-purpose methodologies to perform according to business across industries. We leverage your organization’s resources by reducing the time-to-market and cost thereby, helping you to focus on product innovation, product enhancement, customer relationship, marketing activities and sales growth.

  • IT project metrics and a strong team governance framework that guarantee higher team productivity for your end-to-end offshore product development.
  • Inverted pyramid organization structure and a right blend of digital teams’ skillset with their valuable years of experience
  • Seamless communication, advance reporting and the right project management tools to monitor and evaluate team performance.
  • Digitally native with adequate knowledge, valuable experience, strong competency and desired proficiency in product engineering solutions for Mobile and Cloud.
  • Continuous product development with Agile and DevOps processes enabling a quick set-up of a dedicated team with a focus on innovative digital strategies.
  • Convenient and flexible hiring models with self-managed teams, utilizing in-depth market knowledge that can be scaled up/down at any time.

Metric-driven Higher Team Productivity

Blitz Info System Agile project metrics support KPIs by tracking cost, performance, and output for IT processes. We help in determining gaps between current and desired performance, track progress over time, and demonstrate how process improvements impact the performance thereby, improving productivity in an effective way. Our Agile product development metrics help to analyze and understand the workflow, discover flaws, monitor team productivity so that the team could focus on enhancing customer satisfaction and continuous delivery of your valuable projects in a much more efficient manner than that offered by an in-house team. Relevant governance framework and impactful IT metrics proposed by Blitz Info System enable you to facilitate productivity and achieve strategic goals. They educate employees to focus around company priorities, communicate data in business terms, improve decision-making and drive performance.

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